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Development Updates

03 November 2022First Major Paper Nebula Update!Updates include:
1. Holding the fire button now causes the main weapons to fire continuously. (A much requested feature.)
2. Destruction counter added to the save screen.
3. Minor changes to the text dialogue with the A.I.
4. The drone launch button is now disabled during conversations. Avoiding mis-clicks that skip the dialogue.
5. Minor text corrections.

18 October 2022Final Paper Nebula update time!The credits have been updated to include a final story image that only shows if you have completed the game. (This was the last planned piece of content for the game!!!!)Also finishing up some last min testing and bug fixes. (e.g. If you enable Autofire, you now can’t manually fire as weel.)And finally we have been busy with the production of an updated trailer with the final graphics!Game Launch in only 2 days away!
October 20th. (6pm AEDT, 1am PDT)

Gif of the Ult attack that clones the players ship twice

10 October 2022Revision work continues on Paper Nebula.
Boss 3 has had some significant rework implemented.
Minor usability improvements are being implemented. e.g. The game now pauses if the controller is unplugged.
We are still on track for a launch in only 10 days!

Gif of the Ult attack that clones the players ship twice

4 October 2022What a week!!!
We were part of the Melbourne International Games Week 2022 Steam festival
Our 15 minute video featured in the 'Games Made In Victoria' segment and was viewed by over 15,000 people!
Also we streamed a preview video of the game during the whole festival that received over 4000 unique views!
If you missed it, you can rewatch the MIGW video here!
And as for dev work.... well not too much got done.... but we did revise our enemies bullets yet again making them much...much more visible!!!!

Gif of the Ult attack that clones the players ship twice

27 September 2022
The demo is out now!
Recent development work has been focused small bug fixes and clean ups for the demo.
Attention is now moving back to the main game with refinement of the last few bosses up next.
We also have some exciting news for showcasing Paper Nebula, but we need to wait a few more days before we can share that news!

Gif of the Ult attack that clones the players ship twice

19 September 2022
The demo for Paper Nebula has been completed and is with Valve for review. It will be out later this week!
Large amounts of refinement made to the menu structure.
SFX have been refined, expanded and enhanced.
Steam achievements have been tweaked and the achievement art has been completed!

12 September 2022
Development of a demo version of the game is underway!
The demo will include a custom level that showcases a number of enemy ships and unlockable buffs, while still leaving a lot to be discovered in the full game.
Rework on the menu and lab continues to make the game look better and better.

29 August 2022
The incremental improvement and refinement continues.
The first two bosses have been reviewed and refined. Attacks have been tweaked and animations added. The background has been refined further and the lab has continued to improve. And finally the first cut of the revised dialog has been added!!!! With additional refinements to be added this week.

Gif of the Ult attack that clones the players ship twice

22 August 2022
It’s been about refining, refining and refining the last week.
Ship animations have been enhanced, visibility of bullets and shots have again been improved. Boss health is now shown in the HUD.
Artwork of the protagonist has been implemented and the menus have had a clean up!
Next up Steam Achievements!

Gif of the start menu for Paper Nebula

15 August 2022Lots of refinement work underway. Many other ships now have swimming animations, and puffy now opens its mouth to vomit laser shots!
Bullets have again been refined and are a lot more visible.
A HUD that appears for boss fights has been built, and the Ult bar updated and relocated.

8 August 2022Paper Nebula is now listed on Steam!
Work this week has mainly focused on getting the Steam page ready along with our Announcement Trailer
Wishlist Paper Nebula on SteamOther work includes bug fixing from the last round of testing and a major enhancement to the nebula background of the game. (Just in time for the trailer)

1 August 2022It’s been three months of hard work!
Refinement and polishing continues. Ships now shake and react when they take damage, bullets now have trails and impact graphics. Player weapons fire has been polished and work on the lab menu has continued.
A second round of testing had been run, and less major issues were detected! A lot of good feedback was collected and has been logged for improvement.
But most importantly the Steam listing has been completed and issued to Valve for review!

Gif of the Ult attack killing basic enemy ships

Oh also, check out the new company logo!

Pixel Bakery Logo. Baked pastry with Pixel Bakery written below

15 July 2022Work has progressed on polishing.The first enemy ship has been animated, had a trail added and it's explosion has been refined.Enemy fire now has an animation effect that runs when the opponent shoots.The player ship now has a flying animation (See below!)Music and sound effects have been added. (much more to do here)The Lab UI has continued to be updated and refined.The very first round of player testing was run over the weekend, a large amount of great feedback was collected. It will be reviewed and implemented ASAP. However many core functions of the game worked as intended! (phew)

Gif of the player flying animation

18 July 2022The initial cut of the final level and final boss have been completed! The game is now playable from start to end…. Theoretically.
Polishing has now started. Particle effects and/or trails are being added to enemy ships as they move. The background is being revamped to make the players ship actually be in a nebula and not just have it as the background. The lab menu uplift is also underway with new menu art being swapped in!

11 July 2022Work on the final level has kicked off! The final boss has been really fun to build so far, hopefully it's also fun to fight and defeat.
Lots of work with Steam integration in the last week such as enabling achievements and cloud saving.
Work continued on the unlock system, later stage buffs like hull regen have now been implemented.

Gif of the many enemys attacking at once

04 July 2022What a week of progress.
Lv 6 has been built and it's a really really good one. (it will be the out there crazy level)
Bosses 1, 2 & 3 are now completed.
The first ½ of the roguelike systems has been implemented, kills, deaths and certain achievements now lead to unlocks of weapons, shields, hull plating and other items.
Oh and we included some paper tape to help repair ship damage!

Gif of the sticky tape spinning.

27 June 2022Great progress in the last week. Lv4 and Lv5 have been built (lots of refinement still needed) and the first level boss has been reworked and improved.
New enemy ships now include Puffy who shoots a giant rainbow laser and Charger, who tries to crash into the player. Particle effects have been tested and included, but refinement of the effects will be left for the polishing phase.

Gif of the 'Puffy' ship attacking with a laser

20 June 2022The range of Ult attacks and buffs continue to grow, just in time because Lv3 has been built along with the 3rd level boss. I doubt the 3rd level boss is defeatable without ults and buffs! We now have attachable hull plating, shields and a cloning ult working.
Some beautiful new ship designs have been incorporated along with the ultimate charge meter.
I have started work adding more variation to the ship movement and timing, significantly improving the flow of the game

Gif of the Ult attack that clones the players ship twice

14 June 2022The second weekly update!The initial opening story / dialog system has been implemented. This will form the core of the introduction to the game, with the rest being delivered to the player over the first few runs of the game.
The first ultimate attack has been built and implemented, it is definitely over powered right now. Next is building out the full range of ult attacks and balancing them.
The second level has been built and some fresh ship art has been added.

6 June 2022

This is the first weekly update for the upcoming game Paper Nebula.The on paper design is complete and the basic functionality has been developed.So far the basic level structure has been built, 5 enemy ships, the player ship and a number of power ups.
The basic launch screen has been built. It allows for the ship configuration (equip and swap power ups) for items that have been earnt via Roguelike mechanics.
The first level has been designed and implemented, but the timing and random variables (e.g. how many enemies appear, when and where) needs tuning.Next up is the build of ‘ultimate’ attacks, the ult charging mechanisms and integration into the roguelike system to allow for unlocking and equipping.

More updates coming weekly

2 May 2022Today the decision was made to start work on a colourful arcade roguelike we are calling Paper Nebula.Paper Nebula will be a vertical scrolling space shooter, but instead of encountering powerups inside each level, powerups will be unlocked and equipable via roguelike mechanics. It will tell the story of the main character desperately trying to escape the nebula they have been trapped in since birth.The goal is to make this a fun, quality game and release it this year. It will be the first title from our new indie company Pixel Bakery!